VIDEO: Hawk House – Tidal Tendencies


The artists formerly known as A Yellow Man release a new video and news of an upcoming mixtape as Hawk House.

As Shakespeare famously wrote, “what’s in a name?“. UK hip hop group A Yellow Man decided to go for a change of name for their new video for track Tidal Tendencies. Now known as Hawk House, the group have also announced an upcoming mixtape, “A Little More Elbow Room”, out sometime next week. The video sees the group walking through a city, presumably in the early morning as you can see a builder wandering through the scene. The name might have changed, but their lyrical prowess remains intact. This is the first of three music videos being released over the course of this week with the mixtape concluding proceedings. We’re very much excited.

Stream it below.

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  1. Restores much needed credibility to UK hip hop. Lyrically on point, which is a far cry to the garbage you hear nowadays!

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