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Dapper Rapper: Headless Flywear


In our latest edition of Dapper Rapper, we focus our attention on UK brand Headless Flywear.

Initially conceived in 2009 by Taelor Headley aka Taelor Headless, Headless Flywear is a London-based clothing brand spearheading the larger Headless movement. The brand’s rebellious style has far reaching appeal with underground artists such as Shystie, alt-R&B crooner Jordan James and Raider Klan’s Chris Travis known to be fans of the HF. The Headless movement draws inspiration from Headley’s interests in art and gaming and with flying as an underlying concept, I feel we’ll see big things from Headless Flywear in 2014. Aside from the clothing, they have also branched out into photography and videography setting them apart from other streetwear brands. Headless’ “Large Logo” line of beanies are especially dope and I for one will be watching intently for any new items they release in the near future.

You can find out more about the Headless movement on their website and check out their Headless Flywear range.