Herbie Hancock Talks About Kanye, Buddhism And Improvisation

In an interview with VueWeekly.com, Herbie Hancock talks about his thoughts on Kanye West, his Buddhist beliefs and how he approaches musical improvisation.

We love Herbie Hancock and we especially love his opinions on music. Yesterday, in an interview for VueWeekly.com, Herbie spoke in his usual candid manner about a number of topics including his encounters with Kanye West and featuring on the track RoboCop, although Hancock couldn’t hear his contribution on the final track.

He also discussed his Buddhist beliefs which started back in 1972 and likening improvisation to an expression of life, which seemingly tie in well with his religious beliefs.

“It’s almost like another expression of life; that you’re experiencing creating something that comes from life, but using a different language, a different tool for that expression. And so I’m not as conscious of the fingers—although there is craft involved, because you do have to move your fingers if you’re playin’ the piano. But as the years go by, I’m less conscious of thinking about the fingers, and much more conscious of where the impulse takes you.”

Read the full article over at VueWeekly.com.

Herbie Hancock: Buddhism and Creativity | Mahindra Humanities Center
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