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J Dilla Feat. Frank-N-Dank - Anthem (Dusty Fingers Remix)


Italian producer Dusty Fingers remixes J Dilla’s Anthem into a funky hip hop jam.

While we all wait for The Diary to drop, we’ll take comfort in the knowledge that there will be an ample amount of remixes and freestyles. Well, maybe “comfort” isn’t the best word as there are plenty of poor renditions out there but this Anthem remix isn’t one of them. Dusty Fingers is an Italian producer from Cremona in the northern part of Italy and using only records from Dilla’s private collection, he has dropped something of a funk masterpiece. If anything, it sounds like something old SV would have thrown up.

Stream/download it below.

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2 thoughts on “J Dilla Feat. Frank-N-Dank – Anthem (Dusty Fingers Remix)”

  1. I just discovered the existence of this article, and i am honored that you have devoted attention to me and my personal tribute to the legendary J Dilla, i’m very grateful for that! One Love!

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