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THROWBACK THURSDAY: James Brown – Get On The Good Foot (Live)

James Brown - Get On The Good Foot (Live)

The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, takes to the stage for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

When you watch James Brown perform, you can see why he was described as The Hardest Working Man In Show Business. Born in South Carolina, he grew up in extreme poverty but managed to pull himself out when he moved down to Georgia and found himself in a vocal group at the tender age of 12. Fast forward three decades and we find JB sporting a 70s moustache and showing the world just a taste of what his feet can do to the tune of Get On The Good Foot, his hit 1972 single. I don’t think there’s anyone alive or dead (apart from maybe Prince) who could sweat so profusely in a waistcoat/trouser combo and make it look funky as hell. So, to Mr James Brown, we salute you!