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Jarell Perry – Simple Things


LA singer Jarell Perry releases his debut LP, Simple Things, for free.

I’ve lost count at the number of times I’ve discussed dope hip hop coming out of the LA but it’s that’s not the only genre the City of Angels has to offer. Meet Jarell Perry, a R&B singer who has already been hailed as “alt-R&B’s latest contender” by MTV Buzzworthy. His soft, aptly angelic vocals fit makes us see why he’s been grouped into the alt-R&B tag with the likes of Miguel, Frank Ocean and The Weeknd and the production from Hassan on his debut album Simple Things lends a helping hand to provide a top quality backdrop. I can’t deny my mind drifted towards Chris Brown when I first heard him but for what he doesn’t have in the melisma, he more than makes up for in a feathery tone.

But never mind the comparisons, you can stream a continuous mix of Simple Things below, download a single off the LP on iTunes and download the whole thing for free via Jarell Perry’s website.