Jazz Legend George Duke Dies at 67

We pay tribute to George Duke, who passed away at 67 last night, with some of his sampled tracks.

It comes with great sadness to tell you that legendary jazz musician George Duke passed away on Monday night in Los Angeles, California. Duke had been treated for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. His career spanned over five decades, starting in 1966 and ending with Dreamweaver, which was released just last month.

Other than his 30 solo albums, Duke also performed as a sideman and producer on a wide number of albums for the likes of Frank Zappa, Michael Jackson and Miles Davis. Needless to say his inspiration was felt by many jazz musicians and anyone with a penchant for the cosmos in their music so to commemorate his life and the music he helped to carve, stream some of our favourite selections below.

Rise In Power, Mr Duke.

Thundercat – For Love I Come (cover of George Duke’s For Love [I Come Your Friend])

Thundercat - For Love I Come

George Duke – Just For You

Crustation – Purple (J Dilla Remix) (sample of George Duke’s North Beach)

Crustation - Purple (J Dilla Remix) with Lyrics

A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight (sample of George Duke’s North Beach)

A Tribe Called Quest- Midnight

George Duke – Reach Out

Common – Break My Heart (sample of George Duke’s Someday)

Break My Heart - Common (Finding Forever)

Common – Thelonius (feat. Slum Village) (sample of George Duke’s Vulcan Mind Probe)


Starchild – Chaos Wolf (sampling every track from George Duke’s Faces In Reflection)

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