Written by Luke Alex Davis 4:23 pm Music

Johannes Kreidler – Music Made From Stock Charts


Watch as Johannes Kreidler makes “Charts Music,” songs arranged using Songsmith and falling stock charts from 2007-2009.

Just a bit of fun and satire for a Sunday afternoon. Who could forget the financial crisis of 2007–2008 and subsequent recession in 2009? It certainly wasn’t a laughing matter then but composer Johannes Kreidler has taken a unique look at the crash using nothing more than stock charts of some of the worst hit companies and Songsmith, a music composition tool by Microsoft (which is convenient as you’ll see in the video). With these, he has made melodies from the falling stock prices based on the crashing lines on the charts. Watch as Microsoft crashes and burns to a chirpy waltz and Warner Music Group shares plummet to an awful sounding horn rendition.

Stream it below.