How Did I Miss That: Jordan Rakei – My Time

Jordan Rakei - My Time

Jordan Rakei’s neo soul jam My Time somehow missed our attention upon release. Here’s what we thought.

Anyone who says “X music is dead/X music isn’t what it used to be” clearly hasn’t heard of internet streaming else they’d know just how difficult it is to keep up with each genre. Hip hop and jazz often get tarred with those brushes but a quick search on Soundcloud will show you a myriad of thriving sub-genres and movements. Australian musician Jordan Rakei is amongst the pack and has taken a unique approach to his musical output. According to his Soundcloud bio, Jordan uses his account as an “audio Instagram” where by he posts quick songs all made in a day, just for fun. Making songs in a day may seem like a rush but the freeness of his talent maintains the quality in each one and My Time is a gorgeous piano jam with the Glasper-inspired vibe Jordan mentions pulsating throughout. But you’d be a fool to ignore his vocal performance; flexible and soulful and the perfect accompaniment to his sensual melodies.

Stream it below and keep up to date with Jordan Rakei’s day-made musings on Soundcloud.

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