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KINETIK & Newselph - The Simple Life

KINETIK & Newselph - The Simple Life

UK rapper Kinetik shows gratitude for the simple life on his new track with producer Newselph.

KINETIK & Newselph - The Simple Life

In the words of Joni Mitchell, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone and in my case, it’s a pair of slippers. I used to love mine as a kid but I’ve not owned a pair in years. Once quarantine is over, I’m going to get some and appreciate the simple life much like Kinetik on his new track with Canada’s Newselph (see what I did there?)

‘The Simple Life’ sees the UK rapper show gratitude for his life in a time where survival is paramount. There’s nothing wrong with frivolity in and of itself, but sometimes you have to take stock of what’s essential and make do until the time’s right to let loose. Kinetik knows that and discusses that sense of FOMO along with his desire to meet up with friends when this is all over.

Newselph’s production equals Kinetik’s stripped down approach with a calm and collected form of boom bap that’s just as infectious and catchy as his counterpart’s cadence. And a shout out to Imperial for providing the cuts.

Stream it below (and throw some coins their way if you can as it’s name your price).

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