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Kyle Rapps – Perverse Ramblings

Kyle Rapps – Perverse Ramblings

We love unorthodox approaches to hip hop. Kyle Rapps’ Perverse Ramblings is no exception.

Your fave underrated rapper’s fave underrated rapper is someone we admire and revere so we’re no stranger to eccentricities. That’s why we enjoyed Kyle Rapps and his latest album, Perverse Ramblings. The Mexico-residing rapper from New York laces his lyricism with themes of sexuality, humanity and moments of reality in arguably his best work to date. There’s a great sense of vulnerability on this album given the content. Adding to that is the fact it’s Rapps’ production debut, at least for an entirety of a project. He’s crafted the beats – packed with stonking percussion and sleazy melodies – to match his Casanovian prose. But as we said, it’s not all sex. On tracks such as “Touch”, he opens up about his past discretions and attempts to give a reasoning:

“My mother died of cancer but I’m not looking for no pity / I’m just movin’ through the city lookin’ for somethin’ real pretty / When it comes to bein’ a boyfriend, I’m real shitty / ‘cuz I cheat and act real pissy.”

This might not be an easy listen but it certainly puts the boot into claims that “there’s not a lot of real shit in hip hop these days”. You can listen to Perverse Ramblings on Spotify and iTunes. Or just stream it below.