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FREE DL: Languid - Bumps 'n' Grinds

Languid releases his brand new tape, Bump ‘N’ Grinds.


I’ve been a fan of this guy for quite a while now and seeing as he’s from the UK (via Zimbabwe), I thought I’d give him a mention on Sampleface. Yesterday, Languid released Bumps ‘n’ Grinds, an EP of R&B cuts chopped and screwed into a whole new blend you may not be expecting if you’re not familiar with his sound. I must warn you: it’s gonna be heavy. It’s name your price with a minimum price of £0, so while it is free if you want, a couple of pound or so won’t hurt the bank balance, will it? Plus, you’ll get two bonus tracks. Can’t say fairer than that.

Anyway, stream/download the whole thing below.

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