Leftover Links: Music Interviews

Our latest edition of Leftover Links features interviews from the likes of Black Milk, Malcolm Cecil and Thelonious Martin.

Leftover Links #17: Music Interviews

While music open portals to the minds of their creators, interviews often provide fans with further insights and our selection today do just that. From upcoming talents to returning musical nomads, today’s edition of Leftover Links will hopefully leave you a little more enlightened about what goes on in the head of a musician.

  1. Question in the Form of An Answer: An Interview with Thelonious Martin – Tosten Burks sat down with Thelonious Martin and talked about “meeting Madlib, how he balances creation with his Columbia College studies, and what he’s scheming next.” (Passion of the Weiss)
  2. If Megahertz Was About to Become a Superproducer, Why Did He Disappear? – Once a producer for artists like Nas and 50 Cent, Megahertz had a epiphany and left the game for Puerto Rico and disconnection from the world. Whilst in LA, the producer talked with Complex about the whole experience and what it’s like to live a life of roaming. (Complex)
  3. A Sense Of Wonder: kidkanevil – Japan’s adopted Yorkshireman, kidkanevil is currently touring in the Land of the Rising Sun but before he set off, Conor McTernan of Hyponik managed to chat with him about music, his life and where the love of Nippon all started. (Hyponik)
  4. The Man from Tomorrow: an Interview with Jeff Mills – The man we know as Jeff Mills is a pioneer of techno music and his thoughts on EDM culture, science fiction and modern technology were the subject of conversation with French director Jacqueline Caux. (Thump)
  5. When Malcolm Cecil Met Stevie Wonder – While Stevie Wonder is a name known by all, Malcolm Cecil doesn’t share Stevie’s worldwide fame. However, Malcolm’s eminence within the British jazz circle and classic music is without question and as a pivotal figure of synthesizer development, his work with Wonder is iconic. RBMA hosted a lecture with the British bassist in 2013 and Cecil explained his journey from synth engineer to sharing a studio and likeminded creativity with one of the greatest musicians of all time. (RBMA)
  6. Came Back Vaunted: An Interview with Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor – Trent Reznor’s genius has extended past his early beginnings within industrial rock and electronic music back in the 80s. Three decades, a plethora of awards, fans and albums later, the NIN front man touched on the band’s upcoming UK tour, what performing musicians will have to face in 2014 and how he feels about returning to Britain. (The Skinny)
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