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Malik Abdul-Rahmaan – Field Research Malaysia

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan - Field Research Malaysia

Malik Abdul-Rahmaan brings back audible fruits from the Far East on “Field Research Malaysia”.

A journey through sound and record vendors in the Southeastern Asia has culminated in this: Field Research Malaysia. Malik Abdul-Rahmaan amassed over 100 records during a trip to Malaysia. Everything from local folk to funk, rock, and Bollywood from the area laid amongst his piles of vinyl. If you think that sounds like a dream come true, wait until you hear the album. Your ears bounce across the globe with an array of colours and soundscapes, sprinkled in crate dust and syncopated rhythms. Field Research Malaysia has the air of a scientific experiment. The music is spliced together with sparse but considered drum beats. Loops are created to echo the repetition of prayer Malik himself adheres to in his faith as well as those in Malaysia, as expressed on the Bandcamp page. The uniqueness isn’t in its format – J Dilla set a high bar on Donuts with this sort of idea – but with the variety in rich cultures and adaptations of Western music. This isn’t a one-time record. You’ll want to come back to this regularly.