That time Douglas Levison yelled at a trumpet player in Manhattan

That Time A Man Yelled At A Young Trumpet Player In Manhattan

Mediocre pieces of shit should stay away from trumpets and Manhattan. Here’s why.

I’ve never heard a tirade like it. Okay, the trumpeter wasn’t good but the rant was overkill. The angry man is Douglas Levison and in another video, he is a lot calmer and appreciative of the music behind him. According to Levison, the incident was blown out of proportion and apparently, there was a reason for his anger: the trumpeter nearly ran him over with his bike.

Plenty of quotables in the 3 and a half minute burn session. Maybe avoid playing your trumpet in Manhattan in case this dude pops out to tell you about yourself and be glad he wasn’t playing a buisine!

“You’re no artist, you suck.”

Who hurt you, b?

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2 thoughts on “That time Douglas Levison yelled at a trumpet player in Manhattan”

  1. Well, the little man needs to think about our young people just a little more. Looking at the video from a perspective of someone who works with young people I am quite impressed with the young man. If you accost a teenager over here in some parts London these days there is a more than even chance you are going to get stabbed or beaten up . Here, this young man calmly deals with the situation, lets the man rant and stands his ground with dignity while the angry man rants and rants…
    Secondly, how many young people do you ever see carrying around a musical instrument and trying to learn one, hardly ever do you see that! Do you think he can practice at home? I trying to play the trumpet once and it was banished from my home! Do you think he can hire a studio? I don’t remember ever having the money to do that when I was at school. Maybe the only place he can play is outside and do his parents really want him to go to some far deserted place which might be unsafe for him?
    Lastly, ok he may not have talent, yet, a very small percentage of the population have talent in music, but he gets more notes out of his trumpet than I ever could and just maybe with some encouragement he might get better and better… strange that after a certain age, the attitude towards young people changes… he would have been loved just a few years ago but now he is a target of hate, what is his crime? … he is not sitting around taking drugs or mugging people, lets give him some support instead of yelling at him!! If there aren’t places for young people to go to play music, why don’t we create them instead of beating them down.
    We need to look after our young people and they may well indeed turn out to be great. I don’t think I recall knowing the name of Douglas Levinson before this but he really needs to change his attitude to young people!

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