Written by Luke Alex Davis 1:26 pm Video

That Time Douglas Levison Yelled At A Trumpet Player In Manhattan

Mediocre pieces of shit should stay away from trumpets and Manhattan. Here’s why.

That Time A Man Yelled At A Trumpet Player In Manhattan

I’ve never heard a tirade like it. Okay, the trumpeter wasn’t good but the rant was overkill. The angry man is Douglas Levison and in another video, he is a lot calmer and appreciative of the music behind him. According to Levison, the incident was blown out of proportion and the shouting raised form the fact the trumpeter nearly ran him over with his bike. Nice try, Douglas. Plenty of quotables in the 3 and a half minute burn session. Maybe avoid playing your trumpet in Manhattan in case this dude pops out to tell you about yourself.

“You’re no artist, you suck.”

Who hurt you, b?