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Marcus J. Moore and the art of breaking through

Marcus J. Moore and the art of breaking through

The writer and Bandcamp editor gave an inspiring interview about his career so far and his upcoming book about Kendrick Lamar.

As a producer, I don’t know where I’d be without Bandcamp. My entire discography is on there and so much of the music on my iPod classic was filled with Bandcamp music. I’ve also been a fan of the writing on the site and Marcus J. Moore is responsible for editing it all.

Last year, he announced he’d be writing a cultural biography on Kendrick Lamar which will be super interesting. He sat down with Brandon Stosuy from The Creative Independent in 2018 and spoke to him about the process and how his writing career started.

Some of my favourite quotes from the interview:

I’ve never been one of these music journalists that felt like my work was law, or when I write a review that it’s the only take on the record. If people read my work, hopefully they see the integrity, and see that I’m coming from my own personal vantage point.

I’ve always been the guy that lives on that road less traveled. It’s worked out so far. I think I’m just going to stay there.

Writing is such an isolating art form that you never know who’s paying attention.

We’ve finally reached a point where, no matter what your art is, there are ears for it, and people are going to find it, and people are going to seek it out.

There are so many quotables from the interview so head to The Creative Independent and read it in full.