Marcus J. Moore's guide to Miles Davis Prestige albums

Before Blue Note and Columbia, there was Prestige.

I love a good jazz album guide and who better to curate one than Marcus J. Moore, for Miles Davis’s years with Prestige Records:

Listening to the Prestige catalog today, one can hear very clear connections to the romantic balladry of Someday My Prince Will Come and Seven Steps to Heaven, which paved the way for more open-ended fare in the ‘70s. Jazz on its own is meant to evolve, pulling in different textures and ideologies, morphing into a completely new sound. Up until his death in 1991, Davis remained a master of evolution, keeping himself open to the concepts of younger players while forging his own path in a landscape of synthesized music. Much of Davis’s Prestige catalog has been quietly uploaded to Bandcamp.

Read ‘Miles Davis: The Prestige Years’ in full on Bandcamp Daily.

And happy birthday, Miles!

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