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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Mary J Blige Anti-Drugs Commercial


Before the danceries and the chicken commercials, Mary J Blige had a stronger message for the general public. Here is her anti-drugs commercial for this week’s Throwback Thursday.

Rolling Stone may well have erroneously given Nicki Minaj the title of New Queen of Hip Hop but Mary J Blige was one of the OGs when it came to female royalty within hip hop (as she was often attributed as Queen of Hip-Hop Soul). During 1994 and the release of her second album My Life, Blige was suffering from the effects of drug addiction, alcoholism and depression under the surface of her success. Some years after those issues, she spoke about her experiences with drugs in an anti-drugs commercial and how she learnt to accept herself for who she was. We’re glad she did as she continued her career and the rest is history.

Stream it below and remember: crack is wack, Jack.