MF Doom – Operation Doomsday (Cassette Boxset)


Rappcat’s have announced the reissue of (MF) DOOM’s Operation Doomsday on two cassettes in a special metal case. Obviously.

MF Doom’s moniker is more than a name – his career started with promise as a member of rap group KMD before he got hit by Industry Rule #4080 and tragically lost his brother and partner-in-rhyme Subroc. This lead to a descent into darkness and sleeping rough before a re-emergence as MF Doom. His first album under the name was Operation Doomsday and after numerous reissues, Rappcats are putting out as part of a double cassette metal boxset. The first cassette will feature the original album and the second cassette contains instrumentals, B-sides and alternate versions. Fans and collectors alike will be wanting this Operation Doomsday set and as it’s limited to only 1200 copies, you’re gonna have to be speedy like Gonzales.

Exclusive shipping starts 27th January via Rappcats and the official worldwide release is February 18 via Metalface Records.

(via Rappcats)

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