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Michael Jackson And Freddie Mercury Duets To Be Released This Autumn


Musical icons Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury will have three of their duets posthumously released this autumn.

As a big Michael Jackson fan, you get to hear a lot of unreleased stuff. I’ve been fortunate to hear two unreleased duets from MJ and Freddie Mercury but now they will get an official release, along with an extra track. The three songs are due out this autumn but could have been heard a lot sooner. The track were recorded in the early 80s and were initially put together for a duet album between the pair but things went awry when Michael brought a llama to the studio, which freaked Mercury out (according to NME). Yeah, we know. But there were also rumours that it got tense between the pair because Jackson expressed concern over Mercury’s drug use in his living room. Whatever happened, it’s in the past and soon the duets will be in our present.

Stream one of them, There Must Be More To Life Than This, below.

(via Noisey)