THROWBACK THURSDAY: Michael Jackson Ebony/Jet Interview (1987)


A candid interview from 1987 with Michael Jackson, after the release of Bad.

The King of Pop still reigns supreme after death and his majesty shows in this interview from 1987. He discusses his time out from recording and the tracks of the then-new album, Bad, as well as his own personal philosophies about himself and the world around him. Michael’s succinct and intellectual responses throughout are a joy to behold when nowadays, many celebrities talk loud but say nothing. Many people see Michael Jackson’s unfortunate demise as a “waste” but I think that’s a false summary. When you really think about what he had done in his life from the age of 5, travelling across the world, performing in front of millions – if not billions – of people, winning every music award known to man and being a humanitarian, I see no waste at all.

Stream it below.

Michael Jackson - Ebony Jet interview 1987
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