Motel Eola – Go To School The 3rd

motel eola

Motel Eola brings us his third and final musical lecture.

As the man himself says “It’s time to get re-educated; music class has now commenced” and your teacher for this week will be will Motel Eola. Through the final instalment of his three-part EP series Go to School the 3rd, he’ll be discussing the basics of hip hop and soul, with plenty of sampling. Once you’re fully prepped, you’ll be ready for the final “exam” –  his upcoming album Kids Looking For Gold. Motel’s been keeping it fresh and original but still using that foolproof plan of beats rich in the roots of hip hop and soul. Through this series, Motel has intended to gather a larger audience before the grande finale and he’s going the right way about it.

“I do this by including the newly created Blu – Soul Provider (Motel Eola Remix) and opening instrumental “Left Me” […] I also did this EP to show listeners sounds they may not have heard from me in previous releases and re-introduce them to tracks that are favorites of mine…”

Stream the EP below.

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