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MUST LISTEN: When J Dilla’s Record Collection Was Reunited With Ma Dukes


Listen to the story of how those lost records belonging to J Dilla found their way back home to Ma Dukes.

When news of J Dilla’s records being found by Jeff Bubeck of Detroit’s UHF Records in an abandoned storage unit hit the hip hop world, there was a mixed bag of emotions. Eventually, the records were given to Ma Dukes who went on to sell some on with official J Dilla documentation (which also aroused an array of feelings amongst fans). The Snap Judgement radio show retold the whole tale on “The Reunion” – how J Dilla‘s collection found their way home. It wouldn’t make for a good schmaltzy Hollywood weep fest but hip hop fans will appreciate the love of records, the attachment to J Dilla and above all, the bond between Ma Dukes and her incredible son.

Stream/download it below.

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