Written by 6:59 pm Hip Hop

NEW ALBUM: Ugly Heroes – Ugly Heroes


Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent and Red Pill are the Ugly Heroes and they’ve released their first collaborative album together.

Heroes and villains have been part of mythology for millennia. But until recent years, they have always looked the same – heroes usually perfect God-like white dudes (I mean, Superman was an allegory of Jesus) and villains are pure evil, dressed in dark colours. The concept of an “ugly hero” is often overlooked and that’s what Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent and Red Pill want to bring to the forefront as the Ugly Heroes. By their definition, an ugly hero is “the everyday blue collar individual that makes the world go ’round”. On their first album together, they take the mantle of these hardworking members of society spitting of their life’s endeavours and where they’d like to be, all to Apollo Brown’s classic backdrop of hard beats, conveying the grit of the streets (with added vinyl crackle).

Stream it below.