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NEW MUSIC: Mel - Burning Stones

Singer-songwriter Mel drops “Burning Stones”, her first project with Detroit’s Black Milk.

There are times when you can be a greedy music fan. Your favourite artist might drop the dopest album but you’re still wanting more. Luckily, one of our personal faves has been on hand to drip feed the masses with a little something extra this year. Black Milk’s No Poison No Paradise was released to great acclaim and with a few days left in 2013, he found time to drop his latest joint project with Mel on Burning Stones. Black is only playing the role of producer on this one, putting his honed engineering skills to good use alongside some gorgeous vocals from Mel. There’s a healthy mix of techno/synth vibes, soulful hip hop and rockier elements on Burning Stones and Mel adapts to each song.

Stream it on SoundCloud.

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