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Nuts One - Clockwork Wizards

Nuts One - Clockwork Wizards

Swiss beatmaker Nuts One pays homage to his nation’s craftsmanship with his debut, Clockwork Wizards.

We respect anyone who puts this much effort into their debut album. But it’s to be expected from a man from Geneva in Switzerland. Nuts One hails from the land of prestigious banks, chocolate, and watchmakers and it’s the latter that plays into the title of his debut album, Clockwork Wizards. Nuts used obscure records from his collection and his trusty MPC2000XL to create the tracks. The trippy cover art is courtesy of KoolFunc’88 and it goes hand-in-hand with some of the library music samples featured on the album. It’s a leftfield kind of album, slow in tempo, and dark and unorthodox in style. Synths feature prominently and the titles play up to its foreboding nature (Bad Dream, The Crypt, Ghost Yard, Acid Hazes). It all adds to the atmosphere and lingers with you to the very end.

Stream it on Bandcamp.

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