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Ol' Burger Beats – Monologue

Ol' Burger Beats - Monologue

Ol’ Burger Beats drops the instrumental version of his recent album, ‘Dialogue’.

I’ve really enjoyed Ol’ Burger Beats since I heard Out of Sight, Out of Mind in 2018. The Norwegian producer is best known for his jazz-influenced style and he let that flourish on Dialogue, his collab album with Vuyo. Monologue is the instrumental version of that LP so if you’ve listened to Dialogue, you’ll be familiar with the beats but when they’re this good, it’s worth another listen.

A mix of spiritual jazz and soul music act as primary influences, with the LP described as “a left field and conceptual rap album”. Even without the rhymes, Monologue retains that spirit as the instrumentals twinkle, sparkle, boom, and bellow. It’s a testament to New York-style boom bap that its essence made its way to Norway and influenced two talented musicians such as OBB and Vuyo.

Stream it below.

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