Omar – The Man


British soul star Omar releases The Man off his upcoming album.

“When I grow up, I wanna be like Omar” – Stevie Wonder

A lot of musicians would live off that endorsement for the rest of their careers but for a soul veteran like Omar, that just adds fuel to the fire. The British music industry hasn’t always been kind to Omar over the years – classic example of Industry Rule #4080 – but that hasn’t stopped him from making a brilliant career for himself with what he had. Next month, he will be releasing his seventh studio album, The Man, his first in seven years. The title track is a phenomenal effort, slowish boom bap and Omar’s unique melismatic vocals. In terms of the video, it shows Mr Lye-Fook walking through Brighton in mix of B&W and colour. Simple video for a simply unforgettable voice. Too cheesy?

Stream it below and head over to Kudos Records to buy the single. The full album drops on 24th June.

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