VIDEO: Piano Cover Of J Dilla’s Sleeping Like A Dog


J Dilla instrumental covers aren’t rare but this one on piano is pretty special.

Tributes, covers, remakes – you name it, someone has done some kind of alteration of Dilla’s work and we’re here for most of them (we’ll bypass Rebirth Of Detroit). This one, however, takes the essence of the beat and reforms it into something completely different. Dilla’s Sleeping Like A Dog featured on Beat CD ’05 #1, one of his many bootlegged beat tapes, containing a cover of The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night. What PianOwned (real name Chris from Birmingham, UK) did was change things up and play a five-minute improvisation. I don’t know about you, but I heard drums in my head because Dilla would have gone and bodied this one too. Then you’d have a sample of a cover of a sample of a cover. Inception shit.

Anyway, stream it below and check out some more of his piano covers.

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