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PLAYLIST: Buttery Jams

butter on toast

Inspired by Bus Crates, here is a Spotify playlist of ‘smooth jams’ featuring Masego, Mndsgn, SAULT, and Khruangbin

You know when you’re reminded of the sweetest song and suddenly your mind is flooded with tracks that complement it? That’s what happened a few hours ago when my friend BusCrates posted a video of himself waiting in traffic whilst listening to Azymuth’s Dear Limmertz. From there, I have compiled a selection of “buttery jams” from 70s all the way to the modern day. Men, women, British and US, the music shares a common smoothness so relax and enjoy the next two hours.

Update: looks like I’ve deleted the playlist at some point but Spotify made their own which works for me (especially because Khruangbin is on there).

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