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FREE DOWNLOAD: Pragmatic Theory – Phonaesthetics


Pragmatic Theory are back with another free compilation album, Phonaesthetics, featuring Dudley Perkins and Sampleface favourite Melanin 9.

Phonaesthetics – “The study of the inherent pleasantness (euphony) of the sound of certain words, phrases, and sentences. Poetry is considered euphonic, as is well-crafted literary prose. Important phonaesthetic devices of poetry are rhyme, assonance and alliteration.”

Rhythm22, the guys behind the collective Pragmatic Theory have put together another group of artists from all corners of the world for their new compilation. This one is called Phonaesthetics and it might be one of the best yet. This time, they’ve managed to snap up Stones Throw’s Dudley Perkins for a joint as well as London emcee Melanin 9. If you need your funky boom bap fix today, I suggest you download this ASAP.

Stream it below and peep the track list.


01. Melanin 9 – Straight Live (Prod. By Anatomy)
02. Fish Grease – Move Me (Prod. By Es-K)
03. Phlo Deli – It’s Yours (Prod. By Funky Notes)
04. Dudley Perkins – Sally (Prod. By Georgia Anne Muldrow)
05. Ibn Hasan & Glyphick – Creep Wit Me (Prod. By Glyphick)
06. Wyatt & 5th Sequence – Over & Over (Prod. By 5th Sequence)
07. Jondis – Offerings (Prod. By Keor Meteor)
08. Defcee & Wizard Jenkins The Great – Live From Olympus (Prod. By Sev Seveer)
09. Dregs One – Got to Realize (Prod. By J-Felix)
10. Don Cerino – Grown Man Sh*t (Prod. By Chromadadata)
11. The Benchwarmers Clique Feat. Iron Ora & JD Cuellar – Fiji Water (Prod. By Jewbei)
12. The Paramedics – Devils Lost Again (Prod. By Nextwon)
13. Gigio – The Big Hip Hop Mystery (Prod. By DJ Sapien)
14. W.O.L.M (NRS) – New Mon New Way (Prod. By Afryx_Q)
15. Cor Stidak – Featherweight (Prod. By Byrdversion1)
16. Redi Brown – Out In Da World (Prod. By JP Balboa)
17. Disturbance – Blueberry Pancakes (Prod. By Mr. Troy)
18. Prozak Morris – Live Funky (Prod. By Prozak Morris)