Pre-save Louis Sterling's new single, No Condemnations (ft. Ryan Sterling)

The familial ties that bind.

Sampleface fave Louis Sterling returns with ‘No Condemnations’, a collaborative effort between himself, his cousin Ryan Sterling, and Brazilian visual artist, NL4E. As Louis describes, the track came out of a moment of loss, culminating in a poignant response:

“The genesis of ‘No Condemnations’ lies in the shared experiences and reflections of myself and cousin Ryan Sterling following the recent passing of our grandfather. For us, the emotionally-charged track not only highlights our artistic connection but is a manifestation of a 10-year effort to share our voice – once limited to a broken laptop and pair of headphones– with the world. It is not a religious song, but instead spiritual – that equally touches on emotional vulnerability, the overcoming of hardship, and our communication with the streets.”

Pre-save ‘No Condemnations’ on your favourite DSPs today with the single dropping on 17th April.

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