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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Pump Up the Volume - The History of House Music

Upon Frankie Knuckles sad passing, this week’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to the genre he fathered in documentary series Pump Up the Volume: The History of House Music.

Firstly, I’d like to say RIP to Frankie Knuckles on behalf of everyone at Sampleface. His work and efforts in pioneering house music and sticking another pin in Chicago on the musical map should never be overlooked. In honour of his life and music, we’re featuring Channel 4’s house music documentary, Pump Up the Volume. The series chronicled the tale of house from its phoenix-like beginnings in Chicago from the dying embers of disco (coincidentally killed in Chicago at Disco Demolition Night) to its universal appeal and influence.

Naturally, Frankie Knuckles features in the series and speaks on the first time he heard the term “house music” amongst a wide range of house DJ legends. Because of the age of this documentary, the “modern day” was the late 90s when what is now described as EDM took centre stage with the likes of Paul Oakenfold heading the crowd.

Stream Pump Up The Volume in full below.

Pump up the volume: A history of House music • Reuploaded here https://youtu.be/QDBpXSMOBiA
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