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Ranking Knxwledge's Albums From Worst To Best

We’ve put Knxwledge’s albums in order from wackest to dopest.

Complex recently finished their list of Kanye West albums “from worst to best”. They revisited a topic initially posed by Kanye himself during an interview with the New York Times in 2013. Complex being Complex they messed it up and caught some heat for it (what’s that about all publicity is good publicity?)

We don’t want to fall into the same trap or open a fresh can of worms so we’ve decided to go through Knxwledge’s discography and rank them worst to best. “But he’s release a bajillion albums!” I hear you cry. Don’t worry, we’ve got this covered. We won’t be making any mistakes.

80. 3P

Man, this is OLD. There’s only four songs on it too? Mad weak.


Still old and too many tracks. Cut that down, man.

78. Hexual . Sealings . LP

The newer ones are better than this, but it laid a foundation so it’s not that bad I guess. Wow, how many albums has this dude actually released? We drastically underestimated this task. Let’s just skip a few…

10. Buttrskotch – LR023

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Now we’re getting to the dope stuff. Firstly, how cute is that album cover? He literally wrote the lo-fi bible, compressed it, burnt it and wrote a new one with this joint.

9. karma . loops . PRT . 5

Clothes pegs on an album cover? Is this guy for real? Avant garde, man. Nice beats, kinda wanted more but pretty cool nonetheless.

8. WrapTaypes . Prt . 6

Another dope cover, really colourful and shit. mygrl_ is a jam and 8 tracks is a perfect length. Not too long, not too short. Goldilocks sized beats.

7. H . S . PRT . 8*

Any album with Lisa Bonet looking fly on the cover is a bonafide classic to me. The opening track is a vibe. Lots of Mary J Blige acapellas too which is also cool.

6. WT . PRT9_

Another crazy opening song, word to Homeboy Sandman. Running out of superlatives. Just awesome.

5. Rap Jointz Vol . 1

Yes, it has 3 tracks but one of them has Dudley Perkins on it. He’s like lo-fi royalty! Crazy percussion, a little different to what he usually does. Always experimenting, this guy.

4. Kauliflowr

Only Knxwledge could name an album after a flavourless vegetable and get away with it. Fresh beats, crazy rhythms from start to finish. Dunno how he managed to keep Kauliflowr so consistent over 18 tracks but he did and very well.

3. Hexual.Sealings.Vol.2

On heavy rotation in 2013. That Stevie flip is BODACIOUS and the Erykah Badu joint is incredibly dope. Also the first and only time I really vibed to Drake and it felt acceptable.

2. Hud Dreems

That cover is beautiful. Literally a work of art. If you have a debut on Stones Throw, you’ve got to have the goods to back it up. Fortunately, Knxwledge had them in abundance on Hud Dreems. A double LP, no less. Bold and unapologetically “him”. Man, I can’t stop looking at that cover. I highly recommend you buy the vinyl copy of Hud Dreems because it’s dopeness vinylified.

1. Yes Lawd!

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It’s a testament to his craft that his most recent album, Yes Lawd!, sits at #1. Anderson .Paak really accentuated his beats and the minimal cover entranced me (not like Hud Dreems though, I’m still looking at that right now.)

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