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RKZ - Wander/Lust (prod. by Gifted The Great)

RKZ - Wander/Lust (prod. by Gifted The Great)

RKZ’s offering for Valentine’s Day is the sultry Wander/Lust.

I’ll be blunt from the offset – this track is fucking slick. RKZ dropped Wander/Lust earlier this afternoon for Valentine’s Day on his website and his Soundcloud account. Expertly produced by Gifted The Great, the track is split into two parts, both with immense examples of sampling and “flirting with the temptation of ‘one more night'”.

For me, the track is a heady concoction of the sensual and the aural experiences of lust. RKZ’s vocals couldn’t be more on point if he tried, with a little help from Sian Sanderson with a cameo at the close, not to mention the warm percussion from Gifted might as well be your heartbeat as you drift further into the music. Not wanting the fantasy to stop there, RKZ has put together a video to complete the package.

Stream it below and make sure you download it.

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