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Rob Araujo – Twitch Tape 001

Stream me up, Robby!

Back in 2020, when everyone was forced to stay inside, Twitch switched up the hip hop game. Musicians couldn’t tour so they took their shows to their audiences via their home screens. It pushed them into new environments, processes, and journeys of creative discovery. It was as close as fans could get to full interaction with their faves and a lot of music was made on those streams. 3 years later, and that output hadn’t dropped off for some, including Rob Araujo who released Twitch Tape 001 at the start of January. The album features tracks made on stream in 2022 and it’s so damn good. Really laidback, soul-enriched, ethereal in places, a joy to be…hear.

Standout track: static

Stream Twitch Tape 001 on Bandcamp.

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