Sampling DOOM

Sample Breakdown: Madvillainy

For anyone who needed a sample breakdown of Madvillainy, one of the greatest hip hop albums of our generation, here you go.

Sample Breakdown: Madvillainy

Our new logo is obviously inspired by The Supervillain and he’s shaped my listening and watching habits over the last week. So I was thrilled to see this video in my YouTube recommendations. I’ve already heard most of these samples but that doesn’t stop me marvelling at Madlib and DOOM’s ingenuity when I hear them again. The video’s creator made it clear he only featured the main samples, as “if I was to feature every vocal sample and drum loop used I’d be here forever.” As far as sample breakdowns go, this is one of the best. A mix of obscure and well-known records into an iconic masterpiece. But you already knew that part. For the samples you might have missed, fill in the gaps.

And remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man’s name.

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