SAMPLE: Tha Alkaholiks’ Sample Of Stevie Wonder (1997)


We’ve taken a look at Tha Alkaholiks’ “All Night” sampling Stevie Wonder’s “Too High”.

Stevie features prominently in every producer’s music collection. That invariably leads to sampling once in a while – or a lot. “Too High”, from his 1976 classic Innervisions, has been sampled on at least 8 tracks WhoSampled can account for. The majority are from the world of hip hop but one caught my eye thanks to the infamous artwork.

Tha Alkaholiks are a West coast trio from LA. They never achieved commercial success but maintained a close following amongst their fans. In 1997, they released their third album Likwidation with its hilariously garish cover art. All Night clocked in at a lengthy 5:44 but ran through the funky synth melody much like the original. Easy Mo Bee, Madlib and Marley Marl also featured as producers on the album so check it out if you’re unfamiliar.

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