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Sampleface Question Time: Which Vinyl Record Is The Most Valuable In Your Collection?


Sampleface Question Time returns with a question involving our most valuable vinyl records.

A few weeks ago, we opened an Ask.fm account for you to send us some questions. Today, we’ve continued with our second question for Sampleface Question Time but our first from Ask.fm. We managed to gather up some answers from the team and here they are:

Which Vinyl Record Is The Most Valuable In Your Collection?

Reggie: Paul Chambers “Go”, 1983 Spanish re-issue. I’ve seen it for sale on Discogs for $65. I just bought a copy in Cuba for only $5.

Bee: This is my moment to ‘fess up. I own no vinyl at all. I have nothing to play it on….tbh i’m even running out of CD’s- all my music is digital

Taytula: Same here… Just CD’s and MP3 files I’m afraid. about 10 years ago i used to have a set that had decks and most of the music i would listen to on vinyl was my mums rare groove and reggae collection. But with space at a premium i decided to downsize everything so the decks got the heave ho. Actually its really interesting having this conversation because i have made a conscious decision to go electronic with my music to save space, but my magazine and book collection is something that I am really precious about and refuse to go digital with them so have even have some of them in storage.

Dan: Monetarily I’m not sure. Just did a quick check on Discogs and an original Wild Pitch US press of Main Source’s Breaking Atoms starts at about £65. It could also be Hijack’s Horns of Jericho. I’ve seen that go for ridiculous amounts before. I’ve also got loads of old Hardcore/Drum ‘n’ Bass 12s from the early 90s and I believe some of them fetch a pretty penny too. I tend not to check how much my records are worth because I have little intention of parting with them. Sentimentally it has to be Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1) by Gong. This explains why: http://www.geekandspell.co.uk/music/flying-teapot-gong/

My mate just told me that the he can’t find the first Boards of Canada album double LP for cheaper than £85 so that’s probably my most valuable vinyl.

Blaise: I think on the basis of nostalgic value it would probably be “Off The Wall”. Just reminds me of my youth.. I don’t know how much in terms of monitory value it would be worth but it means a lot to me.

Luke: Probably my copies of Michael Jackson’s This Is It vinyl set and Flying Lotus’ Until The Quiet Comes (both unopened). Most of my records were picked up from record shops and only cost about £2-£8 each.

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