SATURDAY MATINÉE: Stussy - J Dilla Documentary


Check out Stussy’s J Dilla documentary for this week’s Saturday Matinée.

Now, we know this is kinda late in Britain (and everywhere to the east of Britain) but as it’s still Saturday in the Americas, we can get away with it. Dilla fans will probably have seen this documentary already but it can’t hurt watching it again. If you haven’t, I’ll give you some background info. Stussy put together a 3-part documentary on J Dilla’s life during his later years in LA. They interviewed a few people he worked with during his stay, including Peanut Butter Wolf, J Rocc, Egon and others.

The first part is about his introductions, Part 2 is about his journey from Detroit to Los Angeles and Part 3 is about his legendary album Donuts. This really is something special; a glimpse into just a small fraction of the great man’s life and how other people were affected by his brilliance.

Stream all three parts below and behold his greatness.

Stussy - J Dilla Documentary Part 1 of 3
Stussy - J Dilla Documentary Part 2 of 3
Stussy - J Dilla Documentary Part 3 of 3
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