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SONG FOR SUNDAY #32: Miles Davis – So What

It’s Miles Davis’ birthday today so we’re celebrating with his jazz classic for Song For Sunday.

Miles Davis - So What (Official Video)

Miles Davis was a character but by no means boring and that’s exactly how he wanted it. He would have been 87 years old today and probably still making unique “out-of-sight” music but what he left behind changed jazz over and over for decades. Out of Miles’ many milestone works, we’ve chosen one of his most famous pieces. So What was the opener for his 1958 album Kind Of Blue. Arguably the most well known and best jazz albums of all time, Kind Of Blue heralded the dawn of a new modal jazz era, a technique where modes (or scales) were used to shape the melody as opposed to strict chords. The impression the album left can still be heard in music outside of jazz. So What was simple in structure but the arrangements were totally new for jazz of the time. Miles Davis should feature at least once in everyone’s music collection so get a copy of A Kind Of Blue where you can. You won’t regret it.

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