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Starchildluke - NOMAD

Starchildluke - NOMAD

Not all heroes wear capes but they do release music. This is the new super album from Starchildluke called NOMAD.

Starchildluke - NOMAD

Yes, I’m writing about my own music. But who better to do it, right? NOMAD is a project I’d been sitting on for a few months with nothing more than a name and half-finished beat folders. So rather than they sit there gathering digital dust, I blew the cobwebs off and polished them up. The name and cover art were inspired by my favourite comic mini-series and the intro takes care of giving a description of who NOMAD actually was (except it doesn’t). The beats are a blend of soul, funk, and a bit of house mixed with heaps of samples. But it’s not all about the music. The album is “pay what you want” and while you can download it for free, if you buy it, all the money goes to a Hero Nation-Ypsilanti, a FREE comic-con and superhero celebration located in Ypsilanti, Michigan headed by my good friend Jermaine Dickerson. They value diverse and intersectional voices and help them find the superheroes within. After Black Panther, it’s time for us all to embrace our super-human personalities.

So stream it below and dig deep. Wakanda Forever!


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