SumoChief - SumoTreats

Ashton James Brown takes a look at “SumoTreats”, the latest and greatest from London-based jazzy-hop supremos, SumoChief. The DNA of hip hop has been imbricated with jazz since its birth in the 70s. From the raw drum beats and relentless energy to the intrepid spirit of improvisation, hip hop has both tacitly and overtly sampled from its forbear …

Hip Hop Jazz

SumoChief – Gator Season (2Late Remix)

London based jazz/hip hop quartet SumoChief have enlisted the services of High Focus beat-wizard 2Late to deliver an intriguing reinterpretation of “Gator Season”. The pursuit of musical complexity can sometimes be futile, as it is often done at the expense of the overall “vibe” of a track. When there is a perceptible lack of this …


Interview: Sumochief

Ashton James Brown interviewed the exciting jazz/hip hop quartet Sumochief and discussed their origins, their thoughts regarding London’s vibrant music scene and how music technology is incorporated into their creative process.

Hip Hop Jazz

Sumochief - 1of1

UK hip hop band Sumochief release “1of1” ahead of their latest EP “Sumobeats” out on 28th June. Jazz’s harmony with hip hop laid the foundations for a golden age back in the early 90s and it’s a joy to hear that relationship continue into an era of predominately electronic-based styles (and not even close to the early days …