SumoChief – Gator Season (2Late Remix)

Sumochief - Sumobeats Remixed - cover

London based jazz/hip hop quartet SumoChief have enlisted the services of High Focus beat-wizard 2Late to deliver an intriguing reinterpretation of “Gator Season”.

The pursuit of musical complexity can sometimes be futile, as it is often done at the expense of the overall “vibe” of a track. When there is a perceptible lack of this distinct emotional atmosphere, a song can feel sterile and uninspired. Thankfully, 2Late’s deftly crafted rework of “Gator Season” oozes an appreciable mood and to merely call it a remix would not be doing it justice. The cut taken from the recently released “Sumobeats Remixed” EP, transports the mind back to the hazy days of old with its intelligently layered samples and instrumentation reminiscent of the jazz of yesteryear. In addition to this, 2Late has expertly sprinkled the track with keys from the original song. All in all, it’s an exceptional listening experience.

You can stream the track below and download “Sumobeats Remixed” from Bandcamp.

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