Some black horror from the 90s for your Saturday afternoon/evening. Tales From The Hood is our Saturday Matinée feature presentation.


While watching Night Of The Living Dead this morning (which is doubly peculiar for me as I hate horror movies anyway), my mind drifted to Tales From The Hood, a movie I first saw at the age of 10 during my brief stint in Atlanta. Due to the lack of a watershed in the States, the movie was on at around 5pm and scared me a little but since then, I’ve been able to see the funny side and realise it’s more MC Hammer horror than anything else.

Stack: Yo hold up, Bulldog. How am I supposed to kill somthin’ that’s already dead, man?
Bulldog: What?
Stack: Yeah, how am I supposed to kill somthin’ that’s already dead? That’s like killin’ some shit twice, man.
Ball: Yeah, like some refried beans ‘n some shit. Man, I never understood that, man. Why the fuck you gonna refry some beans, man? Why not just fry that shit right the first time, and get out?

What is Tales From The Hood about?

Tales From The Hood is a horror anthology film (executive produced by Spike Lee) that tells four black horror stories, all of which are told by a funeral director (Clarence Williams III) to a group of three drug dealers. The question you’re probably asking yourself is why the hell would three drug dealers be rolling up to a funeral director’s house? Answer: they wanted some “found” drugs, but they got way more than they bargained for as you’ll soon see. Watch out for appearances from Paula Jai Parker (Joi from Friday) and David Alan Grier from In Living Color.

Stream the trailer below and try not to get knee deep in the shit.

Tales From The Hood (1995) - Official Trailer (HD)
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