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tee_illa – Sound Avenues

Stay on Sound Avenues and always go straight.

tee_illa is a producer from South Africa and ‘Sound Avenues’ is one of their latest releases made throughout 2023 as a “showcase of a fusion of genres, blending elements of mainly hip-hop, electronic, and experimental beats”:

Each track takes you on a sonic journey, with intricate melodies, deep basslines and mesmerizing rhythms. From soulful chords to glitchy beats, this beat tape pushes the boundaries of my traditional soundscapes. Whether you’re a music lover or a fellow beatmaker, Sound Avenues invites you to immerse yourself in my world of sonic exploration and embrace the limitless possibilities of sound […]

I have to agree. The beats are mellow and definitely intricate and worked well as chill background music as I sat with my son. There were moments where I turned it up a bit to hear just how intricate the orchestration was and that’s the hallmark of a good album. Nice work, tee_illa!

Stream Sound Avenues on Bandcamp

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