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TellyMclean – Mia Wallace Loves Red Apple Cigarettes

That is a tasty mixtape!

TellyMclean is a producer from Sacramento, California and his latest album—Mia Wallace Loves Red Apple Cigarettes—is an homage to Quentin Tarantino. Initially, the idea for it came when he wanted to improve his skills on the SP-404 (I still need to do that) and Mia Wallace Loves Red Apple Cigarettes is the fruit of those labours. But he made it clear in the Bandcamp liner notes that this wasn’t a concept album:

This is not a concept beat tape, but more an audio conversation i was having with Quentin Tarantino while making these loops on the SP-404SX. I always enjoy watching a peice or body of work that has heavily influenced me while i work on beats. In this instance i happened to be watching Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Kill Bill 1 & 2. I hope you enjoy the audio excursion as much as i enjoyed paving the road for the travel.

Now, let’s get to the audio: it’s awesome. I think you nailed the 404 groove, Telly. It’s full of Pulp Fiction samples as you’d expect, it’s wonky and warbling, beats shuffle like a stumbling murder victim from a QT movie, and there’s plenty of kick-drum ducking to add to the mood of the tape. It’s everything you’d want from a 404 beat tape in my opinion so go listen on Bandcamp.

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