The Black Music History Library

The Black Music History Library

Get educated with The Black Music History Library, curated by Puerto Rican-Dominican writer Jenzia Burgos.

The Black Music History Library

We love to see it. Music journalist and writer Jenzia Burgos is the curator of The Black Music History Library, a digital library containing various media about the Black origins of popular music.

More info on why the library exists:

This digital library was born out of a need to make resources about Black music history as comprehensive and accessible as possible. It contains well over one thousand entries (and counting) in the form of books, articles, documentaries, series, radio segments, and podcasts about the Black origins of popular and traditional music, dating from the 18th century to the present day. These materials range from informal to scholarly, meaning there is something in the library for everyone.

Black artists have often been minimized or omitted entirely when it comes to the discussion, practice, and research of many forms of music. This library seeks to correct that. It is time to reframe Black music history as foundational to American music history, Latinx music history, and popular music history at large.

Genres range from negro spirituals and early Caribbean music to jazz, funk, and hip hop. There’s also a list of music journalists and creatives to expand your research.

If you want to contribute, fill out the Google form.

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