SATURDAY MATINÉE: The Meteor Man (1993)


How many films do you know that start with a Michael Jackson track? The Meteor Man is definitely one to watch in this week’s Saturday Matinée.

Movies depicting black superheroes were quite popular during the 90s. Films such as Spawn, Steel (the infamous Shaq movie), Blade and X-Men (featuring Halle Berry as Storm) were some of the biggest but Robert Townsend and his role as a mild-mannered schoolteacher-turned-Superman, Jefferson Reed, kicked things off. The story was about a neighbourhood in D.C. run by street gangs until a meteor hit the area. When Jeff rescues a woman from the gang, his heroic feat finds him escaping himself. Suddenly out of nowhere, a meteor hits the dumpster he was hiding behind. This transforms him into an indestructible hero called Meteor Man, until the gang find out his secret. Cue miraculous healing powers, a power struggle and a classic fight involving some library books. It’s a great film with an all-star cast (Eddie Griffin, James Earl Jones, Don Cheadle, Bill Cosby, Big Daddy Kane(!!!), Sinbad, Luther Vandross and John Witherspoon to name a few). The film was successful enough to spawn (pardon the pun) a Meteor Man comic book spin-off by Marvel. And the soundtrack? MJ, Shanice, Hi-Five and Keith Washington. 90’s ish!

Stream it below and watch out for those meteors.

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