The Notorious DOOM – Ready 2 Die 2 (MF DOOM Mix)


This is interesting. Houston rapper/blogger Oh G! has put together a mixtape made up of Biggie rhymes and MF DOOM beats.

You might remember a while back we told you about DJ Finesse’s B.I.G. Over Premier mixtape with Biggie rapping over Premo beats. Well, Oh G! has tried his hand at a similar conquest but with MF DOOM beats, particular from his Special Herb series and few from Madvillainy (produced by Madlib). There are nine tracks altogether also featuring Jay-Z, Big L and 2Pac. Oh G! himself regards the end product as “amateur” but we still dig it. If Biggie hadn’t died so soon, it would have been interesting to hear him on a MF DOOM (or Madlib) project. Very interesting.

Stream/download it below.

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